Knowing who you are at the core is the foundation to self worth and inner peace.


True passion and joy is realized through living our soul's purpose.


A true sense of freedom is realized from within. Nothing external can ever give this to us. 




My greatest passion is to connect from heart, soul, and intuition and inspire inner peace, authenticity, and purposeful living.



It wasn't until I lost three loved ones simultaneously in a very short period of time, that my heart broke open and I found myself through the grief and healing.

Little did I know that I would also discover a soul connection with my beloveds on the other side, and a sense of peace and calmness always present within even in the darkest of times.

An authentic request made and a deep soul desire to be at peace no matter what was going on outside of me was realized. 

I believe it is in this true knowing of who we are as beings and consciously living our soul's purpose that true peace, joy, and freedom is realized. Nothing external to us can ever give us this.