And so the writing tell our story

akira and me
It's time.... Akira crossed over March 3, 2017. It's been over 6 years.

I've always felt and had a deep inner calling to write our story and the Akira and  Me book, only it just hasn't been the time. I was waiting for the guidance, the "calling," that it was time. I don't think I was strong enough honestly to "go there" the pain was so deep.

She is my soul mate, the love of my life, and watching her suffer and then losing her was the hardest thing I've ever been through. And there's been plenty of other challenging times up there when my brother and father passed shortly there after.

I am feeling there's a larger story to tell beyond our human/dog incarnation in this life time, as she is with me to this day in spirit and I receive so much love and support from her from beyond. Our story continues and I know while our bodies leave us, in spirit we are always together.

She's helped me to "grow up" over these past 5 years, to deepen my inner connection, heal what needed healing, and to step into my personal power in ways I just couldn't do while she was in body with me here.

She also helped me through the deaths of my brother and father, taught me so much about life and brought such a deep inner peace and knowing that "soul love never dies." As she said before she passed, we would still be together, "just different."

It's sure to be a healing journey just in the writing as I go deep into the emotions, and I also sense there's a bigger reason yet to be revealed and the story needs to be told. So I say "yes" to the calling while I hold my heart delicately as I go back into the more difficult memories. 🙏

This is a picture the day Akira said, "it's time" and we assisted her to cross the rainbow bridge. (Carlsbad, CA beach)