How the mountain called me for healing and evolution

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I've lived on three different mountain tops in the past three years.  Each mountain top in their own way served a purpose to reset and restore connection.
A "nature reset" to restore my connection to the rhythms of the earth, the sky, and my own divine being.
I am clear it's been a spiritual journey, an evolutionary time, a calling from my soul to heal and expand. It's been quite a ride.
It  hasn't always been easy....but oh the mountains have been everything I needed.
They helped me to heal childhood wounds, the losses of Akira, Jeff, and dad, and to "grow up" and ground in a sense of self like never before. 🙏💚

I've been blessed to experience life on Mount Laguna (California), White Mountains (Arizona), and Idyllwild (California) and I am so grateful for the gifts and unique healing and expansive purpose of each mountain top.

Now my time living on the mountain (for now - who knows) is coming to a close.
Who knows if they will call me back? I know that they have my heart now. I love trusting in the flow, divine timing of things, and embracing the unknown - and mostly living in the moment.
Quite the journey. The mountains have my heart. And now I'll return to what feels like HOME - to receive a good energy cleanse from the ocean breeze and the waves, which I love, too.
I started this journey 3 years ago saying I wanted to have both the ocean and mountains as my home.
And so it is.
Ultimately the opportunity is to listen to that quiet voice within, connect with our emotional self, and be guided from within.
White Mountains, AZ (2020-2022)
Mount Laguna (2020)
Idyllwild, CA (2023)