Life experience taught me to find peace in the moment

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There's been so much change in my life in the past 3 years. From selling my condo in Carlsbad to living on 3 different mountain tops, and buying/building 2 new tiny homes then turning them into airbnb rentals in the AZ White Mountains.

Last week I closed the Arizona chapter and escrow on both Lily Pad and Casa Del Sol tiny homes. And then I moved into a home back in San Diego.

 There's so much I experienced, learned, and healed in those 3 years to return back Home an entirely different person. I know who I am now to the core of my being. And I hold a peace within I've desired for so long.

Life gives us the perfect experiences to support us to be our healthiest and most evolved beings. I am so very grateful for that time. I know for certain I would have never faced some of the greatest challenges and opportunities to heal that I did while in the White Mountains.

And when you come out on the other side (whether it is a move, death, loss of job, health issue, relationships ending, financial challenges etc.) and we see the true purpose behind it all - well, isn't that a beautiful thing.

And I am a firm believer that when the soul expansion has been realized, we "graduate" from the experience and move onto the next chapter and expansion in life.

One of the most important things I learned along with standing in my personal power is how to live in this moment and experience peace regardless of what is going on in or around your life is incredibly freeing.

I will miss my Lily Pad more than you may know, but I have learned that material and physical form is impermanent whereas the spiritual connection remains always.

This is true whether the physical form is a human, animal, and yes even a structure such as my Lily Pad. The spiritual connection, energy, essence is infinite.

And blessed do I feel for the precious time with my Lily Pad. There's a respect, appreciation, and unending love for her always. 🙏

Today I breathe in the peace from a completed journey, soul evolution, and savor in this moment. 💗

Here's Tiki and me being in the moment enjoying the vastness from our master bedroom deck view.