Do we create our lives through the Law of Attraction?

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While listening to the dialogue between Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer called, "Co-Creating At It's Best", there were a few powerful points that stood out to me.

To be honest, I've never fully resonated to the Law of Attraction having reservations when others considered our thoughts to be the "absolute" of what creates one's life experiences.

I do resonate to ALL energy having an attractive state, including one's energy field, thoughts, emotiveness, etc. So in that context, our thoughts do have an energetic resonance and therefore an attractive state. 

However, to simply state that your thoughts create your reality, seems limiting and intuitively a bit blaming and unkind to suggest, "just think better thoughts" or "you created this [undesirable reality] by thinking." There's more to our soul's journey I believe, then just our energetic thinking state.

It seems there are too many unknown variables about a person's soul journey, including choices made prior to incarnating in this lifetime and such as:

- Karma: the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Akashic Records: an [energetic] library of information that contain the details of your soul and its journey.

Just to name a few.

And yet I chuckle to think how Abraham would respond to these inquiries of mine. Abraham certainly expanded Wayne Dyer's beliefs and thoughts in this intimate dialogue.

Which leads me to share just a few of Abraham's powerful points in their dialogue that really moved me:

Key Point #1:  Wayne has taught for years the power of your thoughts and the practice of thinking positive thoughts right before bed and using "I Am" statements. He asked Abraham about this practice and their answer affirmed something that troubled me about affirmations for years. Abraham shared that they love affirmations, however, it is important to first be in a "high flying disk" (higher vibration) before doing them. 

Abraham explained that the Law of Attraction responds to what you mean and not the words stated. For example Abraham shared if one states, "I am strong" but they are feeling weak, the Universe is going to respond to the feeling state instead (i.e. I don't want to feel weak).

When there is a resistance to the words affirmed, the feeling state is ultimately created further.


Key Point #2:  Wayne had asked Abraham when you notice that your thought is of a lower vibration (or as Abraham called - lower flying disk), do you correct this by noticing the thought and stopping yourself from thinking that way and to have another thought instead?

Abraham shared that while there are many teaching processes about this, it is actually a harder way to go about it.

Abraham suggested to SLOW yourself down and in doing so this gives an opportunity to shift.

Key Point #3:
Which leads to the third point. Instead of trying to shift from a thought that is on a  "lower flying disk," the better approach is to pay attention first to your emotional state. When your emotional state of being feels uneasy (lower flying disk), consider redirecting one's attention to something that feels better in your body. By slowing down one can first shift from the lower flying disk and then redirect to something that promotes a higher vibrating feeling state.

The example Abraham provided was a consultation they had once where the woman was in resistance to what Abraham was saying, so they suggested a game and putting her attention on something feel good like beautiful blue glass, a butterfly, or a feather.

The point is to shift through one's feeling state instead of trying to get oneself to think better thoughts.


Inherently by slowing down and redirecting one's attention to something feel good, one's thoughts automatically shift from a lower vibration to a higher one. And as Abraham said, this is a much less effortful approach and one doesn't find themselves resisting one's own thoughts.

It was powerful to listen to Wayne Dyer, a spiritual teacher for years, query with Abraham the deeper questions he has had through out life. This dialogue was held in 2013 after he had written over 40 best-selling books, and for context after healing from leukemia, and to hear him state he was changing his mind on certain beliefs was powerful.

Wayne also courageously shared he had regrets about some of his past behaviors and asked whether he needed those experiences.

Abraham offered he didn't need those trying experiences, however, he wanted them. That he desired to be a teacher and having these experiences made it possible for him to reach more people given his own direct experience with the emotional frequencies at a lower vibration. And there is no judgment there. Wayne expressed heart-felt gratitude hearing this and it seemed to give him a greater sense of inner peace.  

By Wayne sharing openly we had the opportunity in this dialogue to see that even people who've devoted their entire life to their evolution continue to seek answers. We are all human and its on this human journey our souls choose experiences that will help us to evolve and fulfill our true life's purpose.

What a gift this recorded dialogue with Abraham and Wayne is to human consciousness.

It is my hope by sharing this you will feel a deepening sense of being, self-compassion, and feel uplifted and inspired. You may even want to check out their dialogue, too. It certainly is in perfect alignment for me and showed up in divine timing.