Wheels are in motion

akira and me

Wheels are in motion. Spoke to Akira's vet today. We went through so much together and I can't say enough about how much I appreciate and love him.

He was there for Akira through thick and thin, had us on call 24/7. When I told him that Akira had orchestrated to bring Tiki into my life he was at first quietly concerned.....another Shiba? Too sensitive? He didn't want me to go through what I did with Akira again.

But then I shared the deeper insights from Akira and he said, "how special it is to have a dog who Akira picked out specifically for me and seeing to it that she brings me joy." I love that I can talk with him about my relationship with Akira and that he "gets it" and loves hearing about it.

He said several things I told him near brought him to tears (and he was at his clinic).....he's a very special vet and so grateful we are continuing on the journey together. I also sense that it will be healing for him, too. Akira's journey was hard on him (and a few techs at the clinic), too. Katherine and Sue
I know it is the right decision, but let me tell you......it is stretching me beyond words. I can't believe I am doing this again....but I know it is right. Time to heal and open my heart. Akira is good! ♥

Don't have the exact count down to when Tiki will arrive quite yet. Waiting for her breeder/owner to coordinate her calendar (busy lady headed to Hawaii to drop off a dog first). Estimating she'll be here by November 20th if not sooner.

[Update: Tiki will be arriving 11/19 or 11/20]

In the meantime, I get myself as prepared as possible (on all levels - emotional, physical, and spiritual). If it gives you any idea, I couldn't even LOOK at a Shiba Inu. Akira and the cosmic "joke" is on me. When asked, Akira told Maureen as she she turned and winks, "and she thinks she is never getting another dog." Oh that girl ♥

PICS: Akira on grass. Tiki standing up. Talk about facing my emotions