tidy up your to do list

Discover how to simplify and declutter your to do list, free up your time, and achieve your goals - in this 5 simple steps course!

Walk away clear, confident, and knowing exactly how to make REAL progress on your dreams!

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Simplify and Declutter

Follow a proven method and create a simplified "daily to do list"  that eliminates overwhelm, creates peace of mind, and gives clarity to get things done with ease.


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Free Up Time

Establish a new way to plan your day and take RIGHT action that frees up your time, brings more enjoyment, and provides optimal results in LESS time.

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Achieve Your Goals

Become a master at prioritizing what really matters to you, managing your daily life responsibilities, and achieving your business goals and dreams, too.

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What Past Participants Said...

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"I am planning better and my days are so much more productive! This is the first time in a while I focused and got into the zone! 

I’ve overcome obstacles this week that have been completely overwhelming. And I’m no longer afraid of forgetting important tasks, this has freed up my mind and I’m experiencing such a profound feeling of relief and motivation.

I cannot thank you enough Debby, this course is such a priceless gift. I've been searching and trying systems for a few years and nothing has met my needs like this system. It's literally changed my life."

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"This is the first to do list I am actually excited about because Debby taught me how to chunk things down and not have a to do list that goes on forever but to actually identify the most important goals and put them first.

It really focuses on what’s the most important for whatever area of life you choose to focus on.  So my biggest takeaway is that I don’t have to do 2,000 things a day.  I can track it and still make progress, and even small steps are better than no steps. And my to do list is not written in stone.

This is going to be the start of a very good thing for me to reduce stress and overwhelm.  And it will also help my productivity since I will be making sure to get some personal care goals in there as well instead of just pushing through the business tasks."

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"This course was awesome! I’ve been under pressure to help meet other people’s goals. This was great in getting me back to center.  Asking and reflecting on what is most important helped me regain my balance and focus. 

Debby breaks it down for you and gives you new ways to keep it simple.  We all live busy lives – maybe too busy from time-to-time.

But, with this course you can get clearer on what matters in your own life and learn new ways to narrow your focus and reach your most desired goals!"

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Discover how to simplify and declutter your to do list, free up your time, and achieve your goals - in this 5 simple steps course!

Tidy Up Your To Do List