Professional Experience

Debby Eubank has 32 years’ experience supporting businesses to meet their "big picture" objectives and goals.

Debby worked with Fortune 500 Banks, Goldman & Sachs, and regulators to achieve senior management's key business objectives and goals. She was responsible for planning, management, and oversight of operations, regulatory audits, and company-wide projects such as the due diligence for a $703 million company merger.

Debby has subsequently mentored and coached hundreds of purpose-driven entrepreneurs to plan and organize their business, too, to realize their key goals and objectives in their life and business.

All while maintaining a healthy work-life balance through employing efficiency, organization, and productivity techniques and systems into her life and work.

As the Creator of the Productivity With Ease Method, Debby teaches how to get results through mindful productivity, to establish a structure and plan to realize your vision and goals, and to stay focused to get the important things done that move your life and business goals forward while enjoying life and making yourself a priority.

Debby's areas of expertise include mindful productivity, organization for ease and success, personal empowerment, and life balance.

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"After working together, I launched my online program I’d been working to launch for three years, it grossed $25K in a very short period of time, and continuously sells out. I started only working with clients that thrilled me and my rates went from $2k to $10k with some strategic changes and made an additional $20k with client work, which poured me over into six figures. I also got my first celebrity client, retired from my university gigs, and am finding balance, empowerment, and peace in life. AND I just moved into my dream apartment in the hippest neighborhood of Portland and feels like my dreams are coming true."

Jenna S.
Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur, Professor

"I felt like for so long that I have just been spinning my wheels and trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go business wise and how to integrate that personally. It's just all been coming together, and the PWE Program has given me a good direction to move in and feel like I am making progress instead of just floundering around and trying to figure things out without a system. This program has really been helpful for me, and I’d recommend it to entrepreneurs. I like how the program focuses on your life as a whole, rather than just business. There are many programs and classes that focus on business only, but PWE takes into account both personal life and business, which is key."

Wendy H.
Entrepreneur and Mom

"When I started working with Debby, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed. I was very clear on my purpose, vision, target audience and their problems, as well as the types of tiered programs I wanted to offer my clients. However, I didn’t know where to start regarding content and program creation vs. visibility and promotion/marketing. So many steps, I felt stuck in overwhelm. Through the Program and Debby’s guidance it helped me to identify all of my actions and break it down into distinct phases for my business. Now I was able to just focus only on the phase I was currently in and not worry about all the steps and issues in the future. Without all the worry and uncertainty, I felt free to create and ended up creating multiple programs ahead of schedule and while juggling two different careers simultaneously. I even signed up my first two clients and felt prepared to have them go through my programs and even repeat. I give a lot of credit to Debby and the program for getting me past the concept stage, where I had been stuck for years, to my actually being in business and generating revenue. "

Claire S.
Entrepreneur, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

"It was hard to see I wasn't admitting that my focus was on work TOO much and my rankings of joy, creativity, and play were so low. Over time I learned to put attention on these instead of work stuff, and lo and behold I was still getting my work done, but I was putting focus on me which caused me to be happier. Now I get more done because I have a better outlook on myself. I get the right things done, the important things that would move my work stuff. I was picking all this frivolous stuff to look busy, and actually there were these big things that had to get done and they started to as soon as I started enjoying my life."

Roy A.
Senior Software Developer

"I joined Debby's program to find a way to keep my focus on areas that are important to me that seemed to be progressing at such a slow pace. I am excited that I have already made major gains and I can trust myself to keep moving forward in the direction I want now. It has given me a structure to dedicate time for myself (and my goals) and this is huge for me. It also provides the self-awareness on things I am not putting my attention on but want to and to set intentions and not get caught in my own inertia. In just a month I have launched my website, started letting people know it’s there, launched an email campaign for my business, and established a new collaborative relationship. I am finally taking actions to increase my visibility and step into my voice - things I’ve been wanting to do for actually a very long time – so I can offer my talents, gifts, and be authentically me in service to others. "

Kathryn Y.
HeartMath Mentor & Holistic Organizer

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